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cell #201-780-3292

Gleasons gym 

​130 Water st. Brooklyn, NY 11201

​ my hours m-f,11am  8pm (est)sat/sun12-5

​​​​David Murray,   Boxing Trainer Licensed by  the New York State Athletic Commission, for  Professional Boxers,and approved by for Amateur Boxers, In Boxing 32 years since training as a Boxer at Gleasons  Gym near Madison Square Garden in 1984,  Boxed in  1987 New Jersey Golden Gloves, Trained Boxers at Manny Pacquiao's Gym In Manilla Philippines.  


I train Men, Women, and Children of all ages who want to do the Boxers workout to stay in shape. Some people like to just do the workout and go home, others after a few months want to go in the Ring and Spar, whichever you like to do .The best way to contact me is to text me  at 201-780-3292 and we"ll discuss anything you'd like.

   Look at my exciting Trainer pad session with my Students and my speed bag demonstration  at "You Tube", search ...   "speed bag workout  david murray boxing trainer ", and .. "boxing trainers in new york city david murray"  you'll see 5 of my videos ,  then call me , we'll have coffee. Many Trainers are slow , they cant do the pads as fast as I can. Also youtube "richard scmidt / todd buster paris masters  see me train in corner todd paris

I also train a special group of Men and Woman from the Military, Army, Navy , Air Force,  Marines, and Coast Guard.They served our Country well, and  its my honor to train them.  I'll give you "one on one"  personal training, not try to train a dozen people at one time like some Trainers try to do, and you can have unlimited  monthly lessons for $160.00,  and even if you train just  twice a  week, or 8 times a month, that averages out to  just $20.00  a lesson. If you train  twice a  week, or 5 days a  week, its still $160.00 a  month. Its fairer to you to  give you experienced and Personal  service. I trained Philippine Boxers in the Philippines in 100 degree heat  5 days straight,  training in New York City is "easy compared to  that'!!!

I work at Gleason's Gym not far from the World Trade Center. The Owner of the gym  charges $98.00 a month  gym dues separate from Trainers fees . So Thats $98.00 to the owner for the gym dues, and $160.00 a  month to me for  excellent Trainer  lessons for you. Please text or call me at 201-780-3292 The Boxers workout takes about an hour, but you'll feel great after. Ask  Evander Holyfield below  here how boxing keeps you in shape! Men, Women, and children

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​Text me 201-780-3292 

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