​​​​Boxing Trainer New York City David Murray

130 Water st Near Brooklyn  NY 11201 near  Manhattans World Trade Center


Heres a few photos of me at the gym. The Man in the 2nd photo left top center is the Prime Minister of Canada  Justin Trudeau, he's a cool Guy,   He's  a big boxing Fan, I taught him a few things.   The Heavyweight Champ below Deontaye Wilder is way taller than me but I know how to beat him, dont tell anyone.        Pacquiaos Trainer Freddie Roach  is cool too!

I was in Manila Philippines a couple years ago,  training Boxers at Manny Pacquiao's Gym in Sam Poloc Manila. I learned a lot there. It was 100f most of the time, stayed in good shape walking 4 miles back and forth to the gym. Those Philippine guys are rock tough.  Here in the USA I train Men, Women  and Children. I'm one of the best Trainers in NYC.    My workouts are hard, and fast. Ill get you in shape in good time. Also  i train  Senior Citizens, they  love to do the boxers workout.

Im licensed by the New York State Athletic Commission and I have many satisfied Customers around the world.  I train our proud Military Vets too, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Army .   Ill let you meet them, they are cool people. 

Call or text me when you have time, 201-780-3292 we can meet down by the gym and have coffee, i'll give you the Trainers fee  on me that day, so  you can see how great my workouts are. (Smile)  See you soon! 

​Go To youtube  type in the search line, "boxing trainer new york city david murray"  you'll see a couple of my cool videos. Also  on youtube search line type "boxing trainer david murray  speed bag" see  my very fast speed bag display. Thanks for your time, see you soon!  

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